Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yard sales during summer? Whew!

The air base my husband is stationed at has an annual yard sale for anyone willing to get rid of some junk. We participated this year and sold $80 worth of free items we received over the years as gifts (shhh) or for baby stuff, nothing real expensive or anything, but we made a tidy profit. We sold a jumperoo, a high chair, a swing, a dvd player, a photo printer, a beat to all hell jogging stroller which I'm surprised even sold, a capacitor for a stereo amp and some speakers. Those were the big ticket items. Everything else went for a buck or two. We didn't do too bad for 2 hours in the blistering hot, sweltering heat and sunshine. At one point I had to leave with Hayden because he was just pouring sweat out of him, regardless of how much water I gave him. And while my knee is killing me and clothes are drenched, I feel good that I wont have to pack any of this stuff with me when I head back home for a year!

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